Faux Moss Table Number Cards

Can you feel it? Spring is right around the corner, and with that comes wedding season. Today we are going to show you how to create these DIY Faux Moss Table Number Cards.

Trish and I are so excited to be a part of the DIY Wedding Ideas series with The Country Chic Cottage


 Simple, easy, and elegant, right? I love the soft texture of these table number cards. The rustic touch of the wood is a perfect set up for your rustic wedding or party this spring,summer, or fall!

Supplies Needed for Faux Moss Table Number Cards… (affiliate links)


Step One…


Use the Flower Soft High Tack Glue to draw the number you need. Work quickly as the glue is very thick and will start to set. I made the lines thicker than I normally would write to make the number bolder. HINT: If you are unsure of the scale of the number, you can use a pencil to draw it on first and then just trace it with the glue.

Step Two…


Gently shake the Flower Soft in Sage over the entire number. I used two paper plates to allow me to shake the excess off into one plate, and then shake it over the number again in the other plate. I went back and forth about 3 times to make sure I coated the glue well.

Step Three…


Shake off all the excess Flower Soft and allow to dry fully. Once dry, you can use a small,soft makeup brush to brush off the remaining excess Flower Soft from around the number.

That’s it! These are really simple and quick and would be perfect for a rustic, outdoor wedding.


You could also do a number of other things with Flower Soft….like the cute Heart Ornaments I made at Valentine’s Day.


Such a sweet reminder of our little family. The flower soft looks amazing against a lightly stained wood as well.

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    Very cute! Somehow I missed your heart ornaments and I’ve never heard of that flower soft. So many Spring possibilities!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Jenn xo

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    I have never seen this, but I am totally buying some this weekend! Such an adorable idea and so many other possibilities with the Flower Soft! Love all your ideas!!

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    Okay…could this possibly be any cuter! I LOVE this idea and I am totally going to make it!

    Have an incredibly blessed and amazing weekend!


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