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Hey Y’all! Welcome to the 3rd day of the Finding Home Fall Home Tour!

Finding Fall Home Tour! 20 bloggers featurinf their homes for fall! #hometour #fallhometour

If you are stopping by from My Sweet Savannah or from Finding Home, Trish and I welcome you to our little home in blogland,  Uncommon Designs.

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I am so excited to share this special post with you today! Truly, this is a moment that I have approached with butterflies like a school girl on her first date…..will they like me?

Grab a glimpse inside our home for the #findingfallhometour. Fall decor and ideas to inspire you.

So, with that, welcome to my home…

Southern Fall Front porch! #findingfallhometour

Our home was a labor of love, time, and patience. We have been here almost 10 years. Our children have gone from being toddlers to teenagers here. It has been quite a journey. We have traditions around our home, like always planting huge {traditional in the south}, ferns each spring. The weather here allows them to flourish until the frost comes. A fun, colorful wreath is always a must as well…just makes our family and guests smile.

Southern Fall Front porch! #findingfallhometour

My husband and I are both fairly traditional, but with a twist, in our tastes and style. I knew when we were designing and building our home, that I wanted a “new” house with the look of an “old” house. We adore our covered front porch. The lazy black rocking chairs welcome our friends and family to “sit a spell” and enjoy a glass of sweet tea.

So grab a glass of tea or coffee and welcome inside our home…

Take a little peek inside my home! We are sharing our Fall Home tour with you. #findingfallhometour

 Our home is open, but with well defined spaces. It feels very cozy to me. I enjoy creating little vignettes throughout those spaces. The buffet in our foyer belonged to my husband’s great grandmother and it the perfect contrast of traditional to casual with the chalkboard above it holding my wheat wreath. Throughout my home, you will see plates on the walls, it is not only a cost effective way to create art, but also a bit whimsical. Fall for me, is all about textures. The mix of this jute runner, the different woods, pumpkins, and dried hydrangea flowers is one of my favorites. And yes, I have been an orange girl forever, I adore my cinnamon orange drapes in our den.

Take a little peek inside my home! We are sharing our Fall Home tour with you. #findingfallhometour

Across from the foyer, you will find my dining room. Yes, I have a formal dining room with formal furniture. I love it! I waited until our 10th Anniversary to even have dining room furniture. I picked this very traditional style because I knew I could always make it work with anything. We host holidays in our house, so we use this room a lot. Simply adding informal, mismatched plates and earthy fall elements creates a simply inviting space, even with the formal touches. Oh, and yes, I painted those walls a beautiful green instead of the traditional red you see a lot in the south. Call me crazy, but I love the way the furniture looks against the green.

Fall wheat centerpiece with burlap ribbon! #findinghomefalltour

 Wheat is one of the perfect accents for fall. This simple tied wheat bundle I made,  was a perfect complement for my dining table. The burlap bow added just the right texture to the centerpiece. And see those adorable little ticking striped utensil holders? A great way to add a bit of a laid back feel to a formal area. We are all set for a fall dinner in the “fancy room” as my children say.

Simple fall mantel. #findinghomefalltour

A little wooden pumpkin, orange berries, and a simple gold monogram. That is all it took to complete my fall mantel. Our den is where our family and guests hang out { second only to the kitchen, right? } so this arrangement makes a simple, yet eye catching statement.

Simple fall mantel. #findinghomefalltour

Once the weather cools off a bit, we enjoy an evening of the fire and a movie. I never change the statement piece in this room, a local artist painted this beautiful floral piece for us and it is one of my favorite decor items in our home. It mixes a bit of modern with the traditional simplicity of our home.

Wood crate wheat box centerpiece. #findingfallhometour

I decided this year that I would carry the element of wheat throughout my fall decor. Isn’t this raised box wheat centerpiece fabulous! By far my favorite new fall decor item I created this year. Don’t worry, I will be back later this month to show you how to make your own. My cat thinks that I have made it just for her, naughty kitty! { update: click HERE for the tutorial }

Fall simple tablescape. #findingfallhometour

Our family table in our breakfast room has very special meaning to us. When my husband and I got married almost 21 years ago, we had nothing. I mean, never lived outside a dorm room nothing. So our wedding present from my in-laws was this table and chairs…unfinished. I spent the first 2 weeks of our marriage finishing these in our little apartment. My first DIY ever. This is where all the magic happens in our family, oh the conversations that have happened here and the memories. See the little candle holder? My daddy made that from a cedar Christmas tree we had one year. He has a few of those at his cabin and they are incredible.

Fall placeseting. #findingfallhometour

GRATEFUL…that is my word this fall. I sometimes get caught up in everything, and everyone around me, and forget to step back and just be grateful. Grateful that I have a family and home to share it with them in. Grateful that each day I am blessed with grace extended to me that I simply do not deserve. So this fall, it is about being GRATEFUL in our home and lives.

Fall kitchen. #findingfallhometour

I am thinking that the kitchen is the heart of the home for almost everyone. If this big island could talk, man so many good times! I wanted a large surface to allow for cookie making, homework doing, snack serving, and family buffet line serving. This was one of the best ideas for our family and home. You learn a lot from your kids, and their friends, sitting on those stools, serving up snacks, and just listening.

Fall kitchen. #findingfallhometour

My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I wanted a 1940’s looking “new” kitchen. The farmhouse sink is amazing, and the subway tile turned out perfect. I did mix the granites. I have a honed, black granite around the perimeter of the kitchen and a brown, speckled, and polished granite on the island. And yes, the cabinets are different as well. Whimsical, eclectic, and traditional all at the same time. We really “live” in here, and on any typical day, that island is covered with school books, forms, mail, you name it. I made the wooden ticking stripe server to contain some of it, but it still spreads.

Vintage Fall kitchen. #findingfallhometour

I decided to make a few reminders for all of us to be GRATEFUL. The sign above my cooktop turned out wonderful. I love the stark simplicity of it, and the large reminder for each of us to truly be grateful each day. Yes, later on this month I will be back to walk you through creating your own. It is really simple and creates such a strong statement in our home.

DIY Wheat Crate Centerpiece. #findingfallhometour

I sure hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse inside my home and life. I am so happy you stopped by! Trish and I hope that this fall season is one of gratitude and being grateful for you as well.

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  1. Curtis & Sherrie Chipley says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with all us. We love that you have traditional furniture mixed with contemporary. Your dining room is beautiful…. we also have a formal dining room that we use on holidays and other gatherings….. it is so nice to be able to use it…. again thank you for sharing your home with us.

  2. says

    Oh Bonnie your home is absolutely gorgeous!! You have done an amazing job creating beautiful spaces and adding lovely fall touches throughout. I love feeling like I just got to know you a little bit more seeing the rooms where you live with your family and the only thing that would make it better is if I was knocking on your door to come and have coffee! :-)

  3. says

    Bonnie, you’re home is beautiful (I’m in love with your pendant lights over your island)! So much inspiration and I absolutely adored the story about your breakfast room table!

  4. Jaybird says

    Okay…..I am SOOO Grateful that I checked your link in this home tour!! Your home and your heart are lovely!! I so love the color, the kitchen, the dining room that is well used and the mention of the kitty!!
    The rest of my day :^) will be spent reading backward!
    Blessings to you and your family,

  5. Rebecca M says

    Very pretty, and you gave me a few ideas to use some things I already have in the house (slaps hand to forehead with “why didn’t I think of that?”).

  6. Debbie says

    I love the fall home tour ideas. I am stumped on where you were able to acquire so much wonderful wheat? Also…could you explain how you made the wheat centerpiece with the burlap bow? Would love to see that on your blog.

  7. Annette says

    Beautiful, beautiful home!!
    I have to ask where you got those great curtains? I am an orange person too and can’t seem to find anything I like.


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