Duck Tape® Flowers… Perfect to be “Stuck at Prom”

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I have never been one to turn down a challenge, so when the Stuck at Prom® opportunity came to make something out of  Duck Tape® for prom season… I was totally in! 

duck tape flowers

 Duck Tape® Brand Tape comes in over 140 colors and prints these days and I knew that I wanted to use a delicate pink to make a really sweet flower clip to be worn in the hair for prom.  

Duck Tape Hair Clip

I decided that I would make a pretty Duck Tape®  flower and then glue it to the top of a fancy bobby pin.  Don’t you just love the two elements together?  

Here is how to make the Duck Tape®  Flower …

duck tape flower picture tutorial

Are you ready for the supply list?  Just Duck Tape®  Brand tape, scissors, and a fancy bobby pin. 

Let’s get started…

1. Fold over a small section of tape and cut the double sided section out.  Now you will cut a circle to serve as your flower base.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!

2.  Now we will make the petals.  You will need 7 large petals, 5 medium, and 4 small petals.  To contstuct the petals you will fold over a section of  tape and cut it off a little past where the doubled tape ends.  So you will have a rectangle that is double-sided almost all the way down with a single layer showing at the end.  Now, cut a petal shape and be sure to cut a triangle at the bottom.

3.  Time to put those petals on!  Begin by crossing over the two tails of your petals and placing on the circle.  Finish up by going all the way around the circle with your large petals, then do two additional layers with your medium and then your small petals.  You are done… takes about 10 minutes tops!

4. The last step is to hot glue your flower on to the bobby pin.  

Duck tape flower

Isn’t she just so pretty?

Here is where all the fun begins if you have a teen that is age 14 or older who will be attending the prom this year, they have the opportunity to enter the Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest.

Visit Stuck at Prom® from now until June 10,2013 to enter your  Duck Tape® Prom creation and you could win one up to $5,000 for them and their school, as well! For all of the details visit Stuck at Prom®.  

Also be sure to like  Duck Tape® on Facebook! 


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    These are adorable. I am going to link this post to my DIY duct tape art post if that is ok! Also, is the sticky side facing up or down? If it faces down does your hair get stuck to the flower when you wear it? I’m thinking of making one for my 6 year old daughter. It would also be really cute on a larger scale and stuck to a chevron canvas…..ooh the possibilities are endless….


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