DIY Reindeer and Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tags

I am so excited to be sharing a fabulous craft for you, and your little ones, to do together! These DIY Thumbprint Christmas Tags are so cute, and what a treat to receive a gift with one of these little guys attached…

Diy Reindeer and Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tags tutorial. #christmas #kidscrafts #giftwrapping via

This is both a Christmas tag and gift in one! The little Snowman and Reindeer are so festive for the holiday season! You could attach these to gifts or treats.

So let me show you how to create the Mr. and Mrs. Reindeer tags…

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Reindeer thumbprint Christmas tags

Adorable, huh!? They make me giggle and even my older kids had a great time creating this fun gift accent.

So, let’s get crafting! 


Supplies Needed for DIY Mr. and Mrs. Reindeer Thumbprint Christmas Tags…

  • Blank White Tags { these came from Hobby Lobby }
  • Small Wiggle Eyes
  • Small Red Pom Poms
  • Small White Pom Poms
  • Brown Sharpie Paint Marker { fine point }
  • Brown craft paint
  • Thin Red Ribbon
  • Red and White Baker’s Twine
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Small foam paint brush

Step One: 


Using the foam paint brush, apply a small amount of brown craft paint on the thumb of your child. Be careful to not put too much paint on, keep it a thin layer. Then gently have them place their thumb, paint side down, onto the first tag. Repeat the process with the second tag. Allow the tags to dry fully.

Step Two:

diy_reindeer _thumbprint_art

Next let the kids draw on the little antlers using the sharpie paint pen. They may decide to make them completely different than these and that is great!

Step Three:


Have fun creating the little faces. You will be using a glue gun so make sure the little ones allow you to help and supervise. I added a red nose and wiggly eyes to Mr. Reindeer. Mrs. Reindeer got a white nose, wiggly eyes, and a bright red bow! My kids also thought they needed ears…they added those with the sharpie paint pen. Make sure and supervise the little ones so that no wiggly eyes or pom poms go in the mouth!

Step Four:


Add the fun red and white baker’s twine by looping it through the hole in the tag. Then have the kids who are able write, put the “to” and “from” on the tags. Now you have captured both their sweet thumbprints and handwriting !

That is it! 

So, now take a look at my Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tag

DIY Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tags. via

Isn’t he a jolly little fella? I simply used a brown tag this time, also found at Hobby Lobby. I chose a Cottonball white paint by DecoArt for his body…


Add a little black hat, black coal dots on the tummy and face too. Finish him off with an orange carrot nose and whimsical ric rac red scarf and he is ready to be diplayed! { simply use a glue gun to attach the little ric rac scarf }…


These adorable little Christmas tags are a gift in themselves to whomever receives the gift they are attached to. What a treasure and memory. These would make a great diy craft to make over the Thanksgiving break with the kids. You could make quite a few at one time for all those special gifts.

DIY_Christmas_tags_reindeer_thumbprint _art

Kid’s crafts are something so special that you can bring out year after year. My kids love that I have saved so many of their “masterpieces” over the years, and it is such a wonderful source of meaningful conversation and giggles in our home. They grow up so fast, so capture a few of those precious memories and have fun while you are creating them!


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