DIY Olympic Torch

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Olympic Torch

I was so excited after I made these DIY Olympic Torches today and just couldn’t wait to show them to you!  They are crazy easy, too! 

Okay, so I never thought I would purchase one of these and especially not two of them…

olympic torch

Yep, those are neon pink yard plastic “drinking” glasses from Dollar Tree!  So pretty right? Hee hee :) I was so excited when I found them!  I can only imagine what the sweet old lady in front of me in line was thinking about how excited I was. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging those who like these, but the hubs and I have no late night “keggers” planned any time soon!  But, aren’t they perfect for Olympic Torches?! I made two of them to place on the food table at our party this weekend!

Here is how to make some for yourself…

  • plastic drinking glass from Dollar Tree
  • some metallic spray paint
  • three sheets of tissue paper (yellow, orange, and red)

olympic torch spray paint

Simply spray paint your glasses.  I used Rust-oleum’s Hammered finish spray in dark bronze.  Once they are dry,  stuff all the tissue paper inside the top of the glass just like you would a gift bag!  That’s all folks!  This was such an easy one and it looks fabulous! 

olympic torch

olympic torch

Won’t these be perfect with the DIY Olympic Rings

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    This is such a cute idea!! Isn’t is amazing what you can make from unexpected things from the dollar store..Have fun at your party this weekend!


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