DIY New Year’s Glittered Votives

Now that the Christmas season is concluding, we wanted to create something simple and elegant for the upcoming New Year’s holiday celebration.Our kiddos are finally old enough to stay up and welcome the New Year,but we do it family style, all together. But that does not mean we can’t be fancy and sparkly, right?!  So today, we are going to show you how to create these beautifully elegant DIY New Year’s Glittered Votives

DIY New Year's Glittered Votives. A beautiful and super easy addition to your holiday decor! #glitter #votive #newyears

The sparkle atop these little votives is just the perfect touch to your celebration. Can you imagine these scattered on your dining table for a New Year’s Eve dinner? Gorgeous!


Supplies needed to make the DIY Glittered Votives…


Step One… Gather all the supplies needed.


Step Two… Paint a thin line of Mod Podge around the rim of the glass votive with your paint brush. The thickness of the Mod Podge line will be the amount of glitter that will adhere to the votive, so you can make it as thick or thin as you prefer.


Step Three… Carefully turn the votive over and dip it into a small bowl containing your glitter. Be careful not to push too hard, just gently dip it in and then remove it and turn it back upright. Allow to dry fully.


Step Four… Once the glitter is dry, use a clean paint brush to gently remove any other glitter on the outside of the votive that is not adhered to the Mod Podge.


These DIY New Year’s Glittered Votives would be beautiful scattered throughout your home for your New Year’s celebration, or on your New Year’s dinner table…

DIY New Year's Glittered Votives. A beautiful and super easy addition to your holiday decor! #glitter #votive #newyears

Sometimes, simple really is better! These are just so amazing all lit up! We hope that each of you enjoy your holiday time with your family and friends. If you want another wonderful idea to do with your family, make sure and check out our New Year’s Time Capsule Idea and Printable and our Kid Friendly New Year’s Resolution Printable.  Both would be so fun to do together!
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  1. Sandy says

    Lovely and sweet. What is old becomes new again. I did a very similar thing with short stemmed glasses back in the 70’s .
    The wax was green I remember and looked very pretty


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