DIY Framed Cork Boards

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You know that feeling when you finally begin checking a few projects off your “want to” list? Such a great feeling, right? Well, on my list for years, yes I really mean years, has been to start actually getting my photos out of my computer and up on my walls. My poor kids..they live inside my hard drive.

So I have started the process. I jumped in and have decided to tackle my first gallery wall and could not be happier with how it is all coming together. This one is in our finished ro0m over the garage, or FROG here in the South. I wanted it whimsical and fun, since this is where my kids hang out and where we watch movies and play games.

The folks over at Cut It Out  provided me the opportunity to try out some of their fun, unfinished frames. They are just perfect for the room, and add just the right touch of  fun and whimsy.

DIY Framed Cork Boards. #cutitout #unfinishedframes #homedecor #organizing #photos

We are big orange fans here in our home, so I chose a warm orange color for the frames. They look fabulous against our neutral walls. { Confession: The room does not have great natural light where these are hanging , so the photo does not capture the contrast against our khaki walls. }

So let’s make some DIY Framed Cork Boards!

Supplies Needed:
1. Unfinished Frames from Cut It Out : I chose the Brooklyn, Balboa, and Newport patterns.
2. Cork Roll
3. Spray Adhesive
4. Spray Paint in Color of Choice  { I used Rust-Oleum in Paprika }
5. X-acto Knife

Step One:


Once you receive your frames, wipe them off with a soft cloth to make  sure there is not dust on them prior to painting.

Step Two:


Spray paint all of your frames. I have a very well loved drop cloth. I was thrilled to have a pretty day to get all of these frames painted at one time. Loving the orange!


Don’t you just love the fun designs of these frames?

Step Three: 


Collect the cork, X-acto knife, spray adhesive, and back inserts of frames.


Spray the hard paper backs of the frames with the spray adhesive. Then, quickly place it down on the cork. Apply light pressure to the edges to help the adhesive adhere to the cork. Then use the X-acto knife to trim away any cork that overlaps the back insert of the frame.

Step Four:


Simply insert each cork board into the frames, and push the tabs on the back of the frames down to hold the cork in place.

That’s It! A perfect way to display artwork, photos, and printables.

DIY Framed Cork Boards. #cutitout #unfinishedframes #homedecor #organizing #photos

Here is the idea for my gallery wall. I have 3 other non-photo projects planned to compliment the adorable framed cork boards. I laid out each frame on the floor prior to hanging them on the wall. I wanted to see exactly where they needed to be and how they would all work together.

DIY Framed Cork Boards. #cutitout #unfinishedframes #homedecor #organizing #photos

I am so excited to have finally gotten a start on this project. The Cut It Out frames are the perfect accent. They have so many designs and styles available for lots of tastes and projects.

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  1. sheri says

    I am loving the Newport and Grafton cut out frames! I would love to incorporate these in my upcoming wedding. The DIY projects are saving my budget and keeping me sane! *fingers crossed! :)

  2. Kathryn Knox says

    I would like to get the Fall letters with the pumpkin and the single frames the Preston, Chandler and the Newport. Thanks!

  3. Kathryn Knox says

    I would like to get the Fall letters with the pumpkin and the single frames the Preston, Chandler and the Newport. Thanks!

  4. Kathryn Knox says

    I would like to get the Fall letters with the pumpkin and the single frames, the Preston and the Chandler. Thanks!

  5. Jan says

    Love Cut It Out. I would start with the Chandler and Balboa but there are so many cute ones.
    Thanks for the giveaway and love your cork boards.

  6. freebird7100 says

    I think this would be an awesome gift to win. Would love to get a bunch of the frames and start decorating lol

  7. Pam Ballard says

    Not sure what happened on comment above. If you can delete that is fine. I love the believe cut out. Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  8. RMetzger says

    love it all! However, I think I would get the Balboa frame and some alphabet letters for my twins room. 😉

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