DIY Chalkboard Painted Plate Tutorial…

I am finally completing some craft projects for my home that have been on my “to-do” list for sometime now. One of those was to turn a beautiful plate into an adorable chalkboard painted plate….

Chalkboard Plate tutorial
I absolutely love the way it turned out and it has a perfect home on the shelf in my kitchen bookcase! Here is how I created this simple but elegant chalkboard plate…

Supplies Needed for DIY Chalkboard Painted Plate…

Chalkboard Plate tutorial

1 Ceramic Plate 
 Painter’s Tape

Once you have washed your plate and thoroughly dried it, the first step is to tape off the area to be spray painted…

Chalkboard Plate tutorial

I used lots of little pieces of tape to make sure that I maintained the beautiful oval shape of the plate!

The next step is to tape newspaper over the area that you want to protect from the over spray of the Chalkboard Spray Paint…

Chalkboard Plate tutorial

Now I simply took the plate outside and placed it on a drop cloth and sprayed it with the Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint!

I followed the instructions on the spray paint that included painting multiple light coats and then allowing it all to dry for 24 hours. I waited to remove the tape and newspaper until it was thoroughly dry..

Chalkboard Plate tutorial

This DIY Chalkboard Plate was the perfect accent for my book case…

Chalkboard Plate tutorial

The scalloped edges of the chalkboard painted plate really make it stand out! I also love my sweet little Burlap Covered Letter and my Vintage DIY Crates

There is just something about chalkboards that instantly makes an area welcoming!

So, what have you painted with chalkboard paint lately?


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  1. Love it! Super cute:)

  2. So pretty and it looks terrific in your bookshelf.

  3. I love this so much! You could even use this for a cheese plate. Put parchment paper under each piece of cheese but then label the cheese on the platter! Great job, Bonnie!

  4. That sure turned out pretty! It looks just right on where you placed it too. Center of attention. It’ll be fun to change out the text too. Can’t wait to see it at Christmas :)

  5. :) that is so cute! great idea for cute plates!

  6. looks so great! where did you find the platter?

  7. very cute… love it! ♥

  8. THis is a great idea! I really want to do this and maybe buy a cute one at the dollar store or walmart

  9. Looks great. Love how it looks in the cabinet.

  10. Love the plate thanks for sharing this at my link party.

  11. The Kelley's says:

    What a great idea!!! Can’t wait to try it myself!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ohhh.. how fun!! Im going to have to keep an eye out for a cute plate like yours! :)

  13. Great project and super tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing it at our link party! Take care friends, Laura

  14. Bonnie,

    I just love your chalkboard paint plate! I’m a huge fan of that Krylon chalkboard spray paint too …

    Thanks so much for sharing at our spray paint link party my friend!



  15. I am admittedly a DIY moron. I tried this with a plate, used painter’s tape and so on just like the tutorial, etc. When I removed the tape I was dismayed to see that the edge of the (now) black inner circle was not smooth and crisp. Any ideas or tips?


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