DIY Burlap Painted Ticking Stripe Utensil Holder

Trish and I are part of the DecoArt team and have been given product to create these beautiful Burlap Painted Ticking Stripe Utensil Holders.

I have a love affair with burlap {seriously I love it} and fall is the perfect time to use it in crafts and diy projects. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I wanted to create a special accent for my holiday table. I decided to make this no sew, DIY Burlap Painted Ticking Stripe Utensil Holder

DIY Burlap Painted Ticking Stripe Utensil Holder. No sew and beautiful! via

I love the simplicity of the burlap ribbon I used, and the classic look of  the ticking stripes. I even dressed it up just a touch, by using an amazing metallic paint for the stripes. This look  will take me from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas. Oh, how I love a craft like that!

So let’s get started crafting these simple, no sew, burlap painted utensil holders…



Supplies Needed:

1. 4 inch wide Wired Burlap Ribbon

2. Painter’s Tape in two sizes { I picked this up at Michaels }

3. Stencil Brush 

4. DecoArt Dazzling Metallics paint in Rich Espresso

5. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Step One:


Cut a piece of burlap ribbon 17 inches long. Fray the ends 1/2 of an inch each by gently pulling out the horizontal threads. { I removed about 7 threads on each end }.

Step Two:


Tape off the burlap ribbon in the ticking stripe pattern with the painter’s tape. I wanted the middle stripe to be wider than the two outer stripes, and used the measurements in the photo above. Once I had one side taped off, I flipped the ribbon over and taped off the back side as well. Hold the ribbon up to the light to make sure the front and back tapes line up. You will want the stripes on both sides so that it is consistent when you fold the holder, later in the steps.

Step Three:


Using the stencil brush, apply the Dazzling Metallic Paint, in Rich Espresso, to the burlap. I use technique to stencil on fabrics that works well for me. I dip the stencil brush lightly in the paint and then dab it off on a paper towel before applying to the burlap. When I apply the paint to the burlap I use a circular motion and move quickly, not applying too much paint, just enough to cover the striped area. Once it dries, I flip the burlap ribbon over and repeat on the opposite side.

Step Four:


Once you have finished painting both sides. Allow to dry just a bit and then gently remove the painter’s tape and allow to fully dry. I just love the little bit of glimmer on the burlap from this fabulous paint! Lovely!


Once you remove the tape, you will have your ticking stripe. Believe me when I tell you, I messed up the first time. I tried painting the stripes with a sponge dauber. Yea, you can guess, it bled horribly under the tape. Sad but true. So I truly suggest a stencil brush, works fabulously on the burlap!

Step Five:


The final step is the fold the ribbon into the utensil holder shape. I folded one end down 2 inches and then folded the end up 5 1/4 inches. You may need to play around a bit with measurements to get the look you want, and to fit your utensils. I then used my hot glue gun to run a bead of glue down each of the 5 1/4 inch side, close to the edge, to seal the holder closed.

That’s It!

Now the fun really starts in setting your Thanksgiving table. I mixed very formal china and sterling silver utensils, with the earthy and casual burlap…


I also added a little bit of wheat, tied together in a small bundle with jute twine. I finished it off with a simple brown label as a place card. I think the wheat is a perfect sweet organic touch…


These burlap utensil holders add a touch of casual and warmth to my formal dining room, which is just the way our family likes it. We like to play dress up but someone always brings a little unexpected fun and whimsy!

DIY Burlap Painted Ticking Stripe NO SEW Utensil Holder. Using #decoart dazzling metallics paint. via

So yes, I went on and made 7 more in no time to complete  my table. The metallic rich espresso color is the perfect choice for fall and adding a bit of glimmer to your projects!

Want another great project for your Thanksgiving table? These Mod Podge Botanical Pumpkins are super simple and gorgeous…



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  1. Kelly @ thelilypadcottage says

    Oooh love this Bonnie! Now can you just make me about 20 yards to decorate my Christmas tree? :)

  2. Ellen says

    I am certainly keeping this post! I was wanting to do something different this year and get rid of my same old placemat/napkin combo and this is lovely! Thanksgiving for the spark!

  3. Tammy says

    I love this idea I can see doing these throughout the year for all different occasions … It’s the details that make a difference… Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    Gorgeous and so simple to make too! You know I love my glam and bling – I just love the metallic paint you used! Your tablescape is stunning – I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. says

    This is genius! So simple, inexpensive, but looks so classy! I’d love it if you shared this post and some of your other recent posts at Worthwhile Wednesdays!


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