Dip Dyed Wooden Candlesticks


There is something about the coast that instantly puts my mind at ease and relaxes me.  I love bringing it inside to remind me to settle down and enjoy the moment  when I am far away from the waves.  I decided to make my own dip dyed wood candlesticks to go with my starfish collection and I thought I’d share it with you guys!

dip dyed candlesticks

You’ll be surprised with what I used to dye the wood with… Tie Dye!!

dip dyed wooden candlesticks


To make this beautiful set of candlesticks, I got some unfinished wood circles, table legs from the home improvement store, and a tie dye kit.

dip dyed wooden candlesticks

Woodworking Supplies:

To make a trio of the candlesticks you will need 3 sizes of furniture legs, 4 small wooden circles, 3 larger wooden circles, a package of 1″ wood screws and a package of 1 1/2″ double ended screws, pencil, ruler, drill bits, and a drill

dip dyed candlesticks

Step One.  Find the center of the large circles and drill a hole that will accomodate the screws on the bottom of the furniture leg.

tie dyed candlesticks

For the smallest candlestick, I added an additional small piece between the candlestick and the larger wooden circle.

tie dyed wooden candlesticks 3

Step Two. Screw the large circle to the furniture leg.

dip dyed wooden candlestick

Step Three.  Now you will drill a pilot hole into the top of the furniture leg in the center and into one of the smaller wooden circles.  Attach the double ended screws to your drill like you would a drill bit and drill it into the top of the leg.  You will now screw this to the wooden circle top.

dip dyed wood candlesticks

Now your candlesticks are complete and ready to be dyed!

dip dyed wooden candlestick

Step Four.  Prepare the area with the surface cover and put plastic gloves on to protect your hands.

dip dyed wood

Step Five.  Now you will mix your dye according to the directions on the package.  I decided to mix the blue and green until it was a few shades darker than what I wanted.  I used a popsicle stick to test it out.

dyed wood

Step Six.  To dye the wood, I unscrewed the pieces of the candlesticks and dipped them into the dye until they were the desired color.  Now you let them dry and put them back together!

dip dyed candlesticks

So pretty and serene!  What do you incorporate into your decor that helps calm you?

These candle sticks are the perfect accent to our Summer Beach Tablescape…


Combined with neutral touches of linen and burlap make a relaxing coastal vibe!

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Trish Flake

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  1. says

    Love how they turned out! Great color! I’m so glad you shared it at the Rock ‘N Share! Hope you’ll join the party again soon! Have a great holiday! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch

  2. Crystal says

    I love them!! I use candles and pillows to relax. There’s nothing that says comfy than soft, cute pillows to curl up with on the couch. Love the color! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  3. says

    That is such a neat project! As usual, so clever in the ideas you come up with! :-)
    Somehow my feed reader isn’t putting your feed through, I’m going to have to figure that out because in linking up tonight I realized I’m not seeing your fantastic posts. I miss seeing them.
    Have a great week.

  4. Amy says

    What kind of home improvement store do you get these things? I live in a small town and would love to know for when I get to the “city” :)

  5. Laina says

    Wow! This is such a cool idea!! I have been trying to find the wooden circle pieces and I can’t find them anywhere. Could you share where you found them?


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