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Clemson Area Moms

    We are so thrilled to introduce our newest sponsor, Clemson Area Moms!  This site is a fabulous resource for Moms (dad’s too!) who are living or visiting the Upstate of South Carolina.


Shandra, the creator of Clemson Area Moms is a blast and I know that you guys will love her!  She is so down to earth, easy to relate to, and hilarious!  This is how she tells us she got started…

My family and I moved back to the Upstate last year.  I was a new Mom, with few Mommy contacts, a husband working insane hours, and we all lived in a one bedroom apartment (did I mention that I shared this one bedroom apartment with a 140 pound dog, a cat, a man, and a baby?  -and we ain’t small people either folks).  As you can imagine,  I came up with any reason to get out of that apartment!  The internet was my best friend/resource for finding things to do. All I could find were bits and pieces of scattered information on family friendly events, so… I just started piecing it all together in an online calendar at home.  I thought Hey! this might be useful to other moms around here, so Clemson Area Moms was born.   

I’m constantly adding new things to do on C.A.M.  I’m even getting some restaurants involved in doing more family friendly incentives and programs.  I have to say, my favorite part of writing C.A.M. has been the random emails and comments from Moms sending me a hot tip on a new event or happening.  It makes me feel like I’m Charlie and all of the Moms out there are my clever,hot,and charming angels 😉


Don’t we all need a Shandra in our town?  She will crack you up, get you organized, and find you a good place to eat with all of the rugrats angels in tow!  What mom could ask for more? 


Please visit Clemson Area Moms to see all that the Upstate of South Carolina has to offer.  In our family, we have always said that it is God’s country.  Here is a taste of what Shandra shares on apple pickin’ in the Upstate…


Sky Top Orchard

Flat Rock N.C.

Watch Cider being made, enjoy the amazing scenery, wagon and hay rides, barnyard animals, duck pond.  Visit the many Flat Rock activities on your trip

Bryson’s Apple Orchard

Mountain Rest S.C.

Apple Cider Samples, Jams, Jellies, near lakes, rivers, and waterfalls

Chattooga Belle Farm

Long Creek SC

Nearby water rafting, gorgeous mountain views, enjoy a hay ride and sitting by the fire, disc golf

Callaham Farms

Belton SC

Home made Ice Cream, Specialty Store, Educational Tours, goats

Nivens Apple Farm

Moore SC

Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, Hay Rides, Farm Animals, Gem Mine



Thanks so much Shandra! We are blessed to have you as a sponsor! Have a wonderful week!


**Bonnie and Trish**

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    Oh my goodness! My ego can barely contain itself! Thanks so much for the nicest post in the whole wide world. I am very proud to sponsor Uncommon, and look forward to reading about all of the amazing projects you have in store for us.

    Best Wishes,
    Shandra Lenae

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