Paper Mache Gift Boxes

 I love creating something special for a gift, and when I can create the box to put the gift in too…well…that is extra special.  Paper mache’ boxes are a great way to “wrap” a gift. These beautiful Butterfly Gift Boxes are a gift in themselves.

Gorgeous butterfly gift boxes made from paper mache boxes. A gift in itself via Uncommon Designs

 You can customize the boxes in any color you would like, and embellish the tops in a zillion ways. I wanted to try out the Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint on these boxes, and then distress them a little. I absolutely adore how they turned out.

Gorgeous butterfly gift boxes made from paper mache boxes. A gift in itself via Uncommon Designs

The Chalky Finish paint is gorgeous and the little bit of distressing to the boxes adds just the right touch to the botanical feel of these little beauties. These would make a wonderful spring gift idea for parties or a special someone. A wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Idea.

Supplies Needed: {affiliate links}

 3 Paper Mache’ Round Boxes in graduated sizes
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Whisper
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Vintage
Americana Chalky Finish in Delicate
Foam Paint Brush
Fine Grain Sanding Block
Americana Decor Creme Wax ~ Clear
Americana Decor Wax Brush
Decorative Faux Butterflies
Decorative Faux Green Leaves
Glue Gun and Gluesticks


Ok, so one of the hardest parts of this project will be selecting which colors of the Chalky Finish paint to use. Such beautiful choices!


I chose these three gorgeous colors, and applied 2 coats of the Chalky Finish paint to each paper mache’ box, using a foam brush.


Lovely colors! Once they were completely dry, I simply used a small sanding block with a fine grain, and gently went around the edges of the boxes to distress them a bit. This gives these paper mache’ boxes a worn look, which is just what I wanted.


Next, I used the Creme Wax in clear. I applied a light coat with the wax brush to both the tops and bottoms of the boxes. I allowed it all to dry, and then gently buffed the boxes with a clean, soft cloth. This gave the boxes a soft sheen and they really looked amazing!


Now these alone are beautiful, but I wanted to add a little something on the top of each one. What is more springlike than a butterfly? I simply used my glue gun to add some green leaves, and then glued a beautiful faux butterfly on each box. I think these would make great little trinket boxes on a bookshelf.

Gorgeous butterfly gift boxes made from paper mache boxes. A gift in itself via Uncommon Designs

I think a little bird’s nest on top would be sweet too, or maybe a spring flower. Can’t you imagine opening one of these little boxes and finding a sweet gift inside?

Gorgeous butterfly gift boxes made from paper mache boxes. A gift in itself via Uncommon Designs

 So tell us, what would you put inside as a special gift? Perhaps you could make something to go inside as well, like this memory keeper DIY Silhouette Bracelet.

Make Your Own Silhouette Bracelet... a perfect gift for Mother'sDay! via

 Happy Crafting!

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  1. Anna says

    What a great idea! I love the idea of making the box the gift is in. That’s why I need you crafty ladies in my life, I would NEVER think of that !

    Anna :)

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