Chalkboard Art Hot Pad

Hello Uncommon Designs readers!

Today I’m sharing a super quick, easy to make ‘Chalkboard Art’ Hot Pad to make in 15 minutes flat!

This DIY Hot Pad has the look of ‘real’ Chalkboard art but it’s washable (no need to worry about gravy drips!) and reusable too! The print won’t disappear or fade away.

This is a great idea for last minute hostess gifts or teacher gifts too!

chalkboard art hot pad

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Chalkboard art and printables are all the rage right now. Here’s a way to give your table settings an adorable chalkboard look and protect your table when serving hot dishes!  This would look fabulous at your holiday table!


chalkboard art hot pad supplies

Tile: Look for inexpensive tiles at your local thrift shop or Habitat for Humanity.

Chalkboard Paint

Foam Brush

White Paint Pen


Wheat graphic printed off a computer– google ‘wheat graphic’ to pick your favorite or use this wheat graphic.

4 small Felt pads


Paint tile with two coats of chalkboard paint. Let dry between coats.

Rub pencil on back of print where the image is.

how to make a pencil transfer

Center image on tile and outline the graphic with pen ink to transfer the pencil underneath onto the tile.

how to make a pencil transfer

chalkboard art hot pad

Trace the pencil marks with the white paint pen. Let dry.

chalkboard art hot pad

Add a felt pad to each corner of the bottom of the hot pad.

I love it – so pretty and functional! Doesn’t it look like real chalkboard art?  The black and white colors will go with any table setting color scheme too!

chalkboard art hot pad

This Chalkboard Art Hot Pad can be quickly made in 15 minutes, excluding drying time of the paint.

chalkboard art hot pad

If giving this as a gift: wrap it in a burlap ribbon and add some decorative metallic leaves.  Any hostess would enjoy receiving one!

diy hotpad

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Chalkboard Art Hot Pad tutorial. Now I’m off to make some up for teacher’s gifts and a couple more to keep for myself!

chalkboard art hot pad

If you liked this DIY, check out these Monogram Chalkboard Coasters that I made using the same technique! Another great idea for hostess gifts, teacher gifts or stocking stuffers.


Setting for Four

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  1. I can see this being a fun, interactive Thanksgiving project where guests can add a message of thanks!

  2. Fabulous idea- we frequent the Habitat for Humanity here. Perfect for re-purpose projects

  3. Lovely! Great idea!

  4. This is so pretty Heather! I love this idea… As a gift and for me!

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! This was a fun and quick DIY to whip up and I’m making more for myself and gifts too!!

  6. I LOVE this – I mean, LOVE! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I’m so glad you like it Michelle! Thanks for your lovely compliments!

  8. This is so very pretty, Heather, and such a great idea for a Hostess gift. You could make up batches of these for Christmas gifts as well….awesome!

  9. LOVE this idea Heather! I definitely need to make a few for the upcoming holidays… what a great hostess gift idea!

  10. I am loving this idea! I have seen this transferring technique before, but I love the way you’re using it!

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