Burned Wood Christmas Ornaments

I absolutely love this time of year! Even when Mother Nature gets confused and sends SNOW to South Carolina in November! Yep, you read that right! My kids were thrilled at the hope of no school…keep dreaming my loves!

Anyway, ironically my project today involves snowflakes…seriously can not make that stuff up!  So today I have a special craft project for you. See, my daddy { yes, no matter how old I get he will always be “daddy” } gave me a wood burning tool last Christmas and I finally got it out to create these Burned Wood Christmas Ornaments


I think I may really be in love with them. They are just so “me”! My blogging, and real life friends, Heather and Vanessa over at At The Picket Fence, got me started on this little project when I fell in love with their Dessert Stands. My mind remembered…I have a wood burning tool! Yes, sadly I had forgotten, life gets busy with an 11 and 14 year old, can I get an “amen sister?”


These were so much easier than they look. Minimal supplies and so fast!

Let’s get to crafting some wood burned ornaments!


Supplies Needed for Snowflake Christmas Ornaments…

  • Wooden Snowflakes { these are from Michaels }
  • Small Birch pre-cut slices { also from Michaels }
  • Wood Burning Tool 
  • Glue Gun and glue sticks



First, I simply used a pencil and wrote the words I wanted on each birch slice. I chose LOVE, JOY, PEACE, SAVIOR, GIFT, and NOEL. I picked short words to fit on the slices. Next, I followed the instructions on the wood burning tool to get it heated up. { NOTE: THESE WOOD BURNING TOOLS GET VERY HOT!! THIS IS NOT A CRAFT FOR CHILDREN!! } Then, I simply traced the words, allowing the tool to burn into the wood slowly, and I moved steadily. I periodically picked up the tip of the tool to turn the wood.


Next, I simply glue each wood burned birch slice onto the center of a wooden snowflake using the hot glue gun. I chose 2 different sized snowflakes to use. The snowflakes even came with the fabulous jute twine hangers already attached to them…nice!


Once I had the wooden slices attached to the snowflakes, I added the little dots with the wood burning tool to give them a little more interest. This is really not a hard project! You may want to practice on one of the wood slices first, to get a feel for the tool in order to get the lines the width you would like. The tool comes with different tips, I chose the “script” tip. It is kind of like learning to drive a car with a clutch, you have to find the sweet spot, and then you will be a wood burning crafter.


I really love the contrast of the rough wood slice against the delicate snowflake. I think this has given me the wood burning bug. I see names, monograms, quotes…..


You can see that my word is not absolutely perfect..but what is right? I think these may become some of my favorite ornaments on our tree. These, paired with my handmade felt ornaments, that my mom gave me at a wedding shower almost 20 years ago, will be a beautiful combination.


Do you have a crafting technique you really want to try? Or, like me, do you own a crafting tool that you have not tried out yet? I encourage you to just get started! You may find that you have a new favorite, like I did.

Need some more ornament inspiration? You will love our Bell Jar Christmas Ornament and our adorable Simple Snowman Ornament. 


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  1. I love these! I saw the big birch slabs – I’m going to decorate them for Christmas gifts.

  2. Oh I have wanted a wood burning tool for so long! I just ordered some wood slices from etsy yesterday because I knew I wanted them on my tree somewhere…so I might have to a few of these! : ) very cute!!

  3. How pretty! And they look easy enough- I need a wood burning tool! :)

  4. I love these!!! You’ve inspired me to want to purchase a wood burning tool, heading over to Amazon… :)


  5. These are so pretty. I love anything snowflake (except the real thing most of the time! lol)

  6. They are so pretty!

  7. Oh I love them!! So, so clever. Glad we could inspire such a beautiful project!


  8. These are so cute! Using a wood burner is SO fun too!

  9. These are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and pinning! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. These are pretty. Love the snowflakes.

  11. Loving the natural look and these ornaments So Cute!!!

  12. LOOOVE These! You are so talented! I love the simplicity and the beauty!

  13. So pretty! I will have to look into a wood burning tool – wow! The possibilities!

  14. Okay, I’m putting wood burning tool on my wish list! SO much fun and these turned out BEAUTIFULLY! :)

  15. LOVE them so much!! Maybe Santa will put a wood burning tool in my stocking this year! :-)

  16. I love these snowflakes! I have a Micheal’s gift card that’s burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  17. Very pretty! I would love to use these in a roundup I’m putting together on my blog. Let me know if you’d prefer I didn’t use it. Thanks!

  18. Very very cute!!

  19. These are so pretty! Might have to add a wood burning tool to my Christmas list :)

  20. These are gorgeous! I seriously want to go buy a wood burning tool now!

  21. They are really pretty Hmm I wonder if I have a wood burning tool in my stash lol.


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