Burlap Covered Vase Tutorial { A Quick and Easy Gift Idea }

burlap covered vase

Does anyone get a little overwhelmed this time of year?  Between Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day, sports try-outs, end of the year programs and everything else…. I can get a little frazzled! 
 Today I am going to share with you how to make this beautiful burlap covered vase. It is quick, super-easy, and a very inexpensive gift idea! Just perfect for the insanely busy time of year!

The best part… you can make it for under $3.  You heard that right… $3



Burlap Covered Vase Tutorial

Glass Hurricane (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
Burlap (from Jo-Ann Fabrics)
Buttons (from Wal-Mart)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Step One. Cut your burlap into a rectangle that is long enough to wrap around your hurricane.  I left a little over an inch at the top and bottom of the glass. 
Step Two.  Iron down about an inch of your burlap to make a clean line.  Then, you will hot glue the end of the burlap that you did not iron onto the glass.  Press lightly to make sure it stays adhered while it dries. 
Step Three.  Wrap the burlap around the glass and glue down the ironed-side of the burlap making sure that the layers at the top and the bottom are matching. If you have any stray strands go ahead and trim them. 
Step Four.  Glue your buttons on with the hot glue.  I would press each one down until the glue had tried before moving on to the next button.  That’s all folks!
Now that is quite a statement for the price! What a great little gift for someone special!



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  1. Diana @ AnyoneCanDecorate says

    Oh… and I just found your blog via Fox Hollow Cottage… I am your newest Linky follower.

  2. says

    I love the simplicity of this and those buttons just add the perfect touch. Those vases at the Dollar Tree are such a deal, aren’t they? Gotta love that. I found you at The Winthrop Chronicles Link Party. Stop by and see me sometime at my place as well, when you have a chance!


  3. says

    So, so CUTE. I think I want to do a bunch of these down my Thanksgiving table in the fall. So happy you linked up to Mop it Up Mondays last week. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. says

    Hi Trisha! It’s Agatha, Kristy’s friend! I totally just stumbled onto your website during a google search of how to wrap vases. So cool to find your site so randomly! I’m getting married on October 4th (feel free to check out our wedding website), so we’re in the final details stage, and I’m looking at some DIY options to supplement the decor. I’m not specifically looking at doing burlap, but I’m considering some other fabric or paper or something. Google searching to determine if I’m capable of doing this kind of thing or not…especially in my stressed-wedding-planning-at-the-last-minute phase of things.


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