How To Make Burlap and Twine Tabletop Christmas Trees

So…I finally have gotten around to actually decorating my house!! This year I decided to simplify in both the colors and items.
 I decided to incorporate burlap and jute twine into my family room decor, and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Burlap and Twine Trees…

Burlap and Twine Trees Uncommon

They are just so warm and cozy! Plus they are a great last minute Holiday Home Decor idea!!

Here is how I made them…

Supplies Needed for Burlap and Twine Trees:

1.Paper or Styrofoam cones in your desired height { I used paper cones that I found in the seasonal craft section at Michaels!}
2. Burlap, cut into a long strip {mine was about 2 1/2 yards long and about 2 inches wide} and slightly frayed on the edges!
3. Jute twine {comes in different diameters, choose the width that appeals to you!}
4. Adhesive {after I got started i found that a basic glue gun is FAR easier than the spray adhesive! FYI! }
5. Spray glitter in color of your choice { I used a bronze color }
6. Embellishments!! Have fun with this part…I used brown satin ribbon and bronze colored jingle bells!

Lets start with the Burlap Tree

Gather all your supplies needed…

Next, adhere the burlap to the bottom of the cone with a small amount of glue, {remember, I switched to a glue gun instead of spray adhesive!} and begin to wrap the burlap around the cone and slightly overlap each layer as you move up the cone. I applied small amounts of glue periodically, as I made my way up the cone!

You will need to make small cuts in the burlap as you wrap it, to get it to lay flat. They will look like little “tucks” in the burlap! Continue to wrap, glue, cut, and tuck all the way to the top!!

Finally, give your tree a light coat of shimmer with some glitter spray! Finish off with some whimsical little bells, tied onto the top with brown satin ribbon!

Now, for his little friend, the Twine Tree

Simply attach the jute twine to the top of the cone with your glue gun and start wrapping….sit down…turn on the TV…and wrap! Attach the jute twine on the underside of the cone at the bottom with your glue gun! That’s it! Super easy!! Finish it off with a little glitter as well!

These are really fun, easy, and inexpensive! I was also able to really score on the candlesticks they are sitting on…50% off of 50% off !! LOVE a bargain!




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  1. says

    I just found your blog – and how weird, I just bought two tree forms yesterday … coincidence? I think not! Hopefully I can get them decorated before Jan. 1 :) Thanks for the great linky party!

  2. says

    I thought I loved the burlap tree and then I saw your twine one. Adorable :-)

    So glad to have you at our Pin’Inspiration Party this week.

    Happy follower, would love if you popped over and grabbed a button.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness I love these so much! Well done and thank you for sharing with us.Hugs! P.S> Have you added your lovely blog to my new blog list page? Don’t forget to enter my Tis The Season giveaway too, time is running out.

  4. says

    I love your trees, you make the best, so maybe I should knight you the “tree lady”. What you think! I especially like how natural and rustic they look. I really favor that look. Thanks for sharing all your project’s at Sunday’s Best. Keep you inspiration coming!

  5. says

    Since this is SOOOOO Last Year can I have them this year and call it MINE?!?! So Seriously Cute.
    I’m trying the jute one and my second will be with books pages… wish me luck! There’s still time to send it overseas… just sayin 😉

  6. says

    Cute! I never thought about paper cones – great idea, I’ll make my own! Just went to Hobby Lobby recently and refused to pay 5 bucks for styrofoam trees. I’m doing the twine trees for my mantle 😉


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