Botanical Custom Painted Cork Coasters

Do you ever take time for yourself? Or are you always checking off a list?

For me it is the list…and it gets overwhelming.


So when my children were on Spring Break and we were having a “staycation” …I bought a magazine…


And I did something that was NOT on my list…and it felt really good…


I painted…while I was cooking dinner…


I saw those beautiful botanical coasters in the magazine and thought… I have 4 cork coasters…


and more acrylic paint than I can shake a stick at…


I absolutely love how these painted cork coasters turned out. I even surprised myself a little…

Supplies Needed to create Botanical Custom Painted Cork Coasters

Cork Coasters {mine were little $1 plant coasters from the garden department}
Botanical or Floral Inspiration Piece { mine were inspired by the Rifle Paper Company Coasters}
Acrylic Paint and Paint Brushes
Outdoor Mod Podge


I custom mixed the colors to match the ones in the photo which happen to match my covered porch decor perfectly.

Once I had painted all four, I let them dry thoroughly. Then I gave each of them a coat of Outdoor Mod Podge.

I am not very good at drawing..really {my brother got that gift}..but I find that once I have my inspiration,I am able to copy pretty well…


Where do you find your inspiration for your projects?

and..when was the last time you did something not on your list?

You should just do it….


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Trish Flake

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  1. says

    These are beautiful! I’m definitely a list maker too, but I try to sneak some random things onto the list here and there to spark my creativity. Last week I tinted our pancakes blue just for fun. It only took 2 extra seconds and the kids loved it!

  2. says

    Bonnie those are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! If I tried to freehand something like this it would be disasterous. My brothers also got the drawing genes too!

  3. says

    You did a Terri’s job on these. I’d say you must have gotten some of the artistic talent in the family. And bravo for you for doing something fun and unplanned on your staycation

  4. says

    They’re gorgeous!!! I really love coasters because they’re the solution to my problems with ring watermarks on the table. And this cork coaster is just abeautiful. I love its designs and color. Its very unique!

  5. says

    Hmm…did my last comment go through? I received an error message.

    Anyway, I was saying…beautiful! Not sure I could do it, but I’m willing to try! :)

  6. says

    You did an amazing job, really impressed and inspired! Now how about going larger, like on fabric for a pillow cover? Would love it if you’d join my international linky party, always looking for some talented contributors so that my features will look gorgeous! Hope to see you there!

  7. Pat Wilson says

    very pretty! I did something like that with pictures from Jackson & Perkins catalog and good ole MOD PODGE!!


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