Blogging 101 … Alternatives to Google Reader

So…if you have not heard…Google Reader is going away. As of July 1st, 2013 it will no longer be an option to follow blogs. Earlier this week we had Part 1 of our Blogging 101…How To Follow A Blog. Hop on over and get the background information for  Part 2…

Alternatives to Google Reader

We are bummed..we love our Google Reader…so today we are going to share with you a few other options on…


Blog Reader Options

So now that Google Reader is going away…how will you follow your blogs? Or maybe you want to start following blogs? Here are a few options we have and are looking into for ourselves…



  • Feedly seems to be a great alternative to Google Reader.
  • Right now it only takes about a minute to sync to your Google Reader and transfer all of your blogs and sites over. 
  • Feedly appears to be very user friendly.
  • You are able to customize both how you view your blogs, as well as how you organize them.
  • The have a Chrome and Firefox extension that makes it super quick to get to.
  • Trish and I both have synced our Google Readers to Feedly and are really enjoying it so far.




  •  Bloglovin’ is another online option to organize all of your blog and website subscriptions or feeds.
  • You can also import all of your Google Reader items now as well, and it is simple and fast.
  • Bloggers can place a button { the have lots of choices} on the sidebar to make it easy for their readers to follow them on Bloglovin’.
  • Bloglovin’ is pretty easy to navigate and add new blogs to.
  • You can also search for blogs on Bloglovin’ and add them to your feed from your Bloglovin’ dashboard. 
  • Want to follow Uncommon Designs on Bloglovin’? Click this little button below…

Follow on Bloglovin


The Old Reader

the old reader

  • The Old Reader is the final option we have been looking into, that mimics Google Reader the most in looks.
  • You will have to download your subscriptions from Google Reader, it is a little confusing to do that for the non-techies {like me! } but I finally extracted the correct file to upload so that my lovely blogs would once again be available.
  • I “rediscovered” blogs that somehow lost the feed to Google Reader and magically reappeared in  my Old Reader feed…sahweet! 
  • The Old Reader also separates feeds that are no longer active so that you can delete those and clean up your lists.
  • It is very basic but also very funtional and easy to navigate.


Over the next few weeks, Trish and I are going to be using these and getting a good feel for them. So far, I think we will be able to find another reader that we will love as much as Google Reader.

Make sure to check out Part 1 of our Blogging 101…


So what other options are you looking into? Have you tried any of these? 


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  1. Judy says

    I love Feedly. I am using it to read my favorite post and get updated in a very organize way. In fact, I have a review about it. Bloglovin is nice too but I am incline to using feedly more.


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