Beautifully Fresh Summer Produce for Easy Entertaining

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Fresh Produce makes Summer Entertaining so Easy and Delicious! Come see some delicious beverage pairings and a fruit salad tray that is a work of art!

Summer is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but I can’t deny that fresh produce tops my list. Not only does it awaken all of your taste buds, but it is perfect when you want to invite some friends over and throw a casual get together. Today I am going to share with you how to throw the easiest ever summer party.

Beverage Station Since my outdoor space is pretty much ready at any time for company, I find it super simple to purchase and serve a few store bought beverages, put them in a cute container and and a little something to mix up the flavor a bit.

2017-07-14 18.51.38-1 (1)

For this party, I also planned a decadent fruit salad tray and told the guests to bring whatever they like to throw on the grill!

I headed to my local Food Lion to pick up all of the essentials. I stopped first at the beverage cooler by the deli to pick up a few bottles of FUZE® Tea, next I grabbed a 2 liter of Minute Maid® Lemonade and an extra 6 pack to send the party guests home with something refreshing for the drive. Finally, I went to town in the produce section. Seriously, I had my car stocked full of so many beautiful fresh fruits that you would have thought I could feed an army.  Good thing I had some coupons that I picked up on my way in!

Coupon offers available via in-store kiosk:

  • Buy (two) FUZE 1L OR (two) Minute Maid 2L OR (one) Minute Maid .5L 6pk and get $1 OFF Fresh Cut Produce OR
  • Buy (two) FUZE 1L OR (two) Minute Maid 2L OR (one) Minute Maid .5L 6pk and get $1 OFF your purchase

Tea and Lemonade

If you entertain a good bit, you probably have some of your own decorative serving pieces. I always transfer my store bought goodies into my own containers.

2017-07-14 18.48.08-1 (1)

You can see that I used glass bottles for the Fuze Tea, Minute Maid Lemonade and Ice Water. I put it in a galvanized bucket full of ice and all those refreshing beverages. They are great on their own, or you can kick it up a notch with delicious flavorings.

Fresh Cut Fruit

This is where the fun comes in!  I set up two cake stands and a few wooden trays and bowls with everything you can think of to stir in a little flavor.

Citrus and Herbs

Fresh fruit is delicious, but also adding a second dimension of herbs can really make the perfect summer beverage.

Fruit and Herb Drink Skewers

Here are just a few of my favorite flavor combinations using fresh herbs and fresh cut produce. Lemon Rosemary, Blueberry Peach, Blackberry Basil Lime and Watermelon Mint.

Watermelon Lime Infused Water

They all pair so well with tea, lemonade and even just water! Look how beautiful the infused stirrers make an ordinary drink. It tastes even better than it looks.

Fuze and Minute Maid

I am also sure to keep extra beverages on hand for refills and to offer our guests for the road. It is quite warm and humid where we live, so something cool to drink is always in order!

Fruit Salad Tray 6

Now, I bring you to another show-stopping trick to create instant oohs and ah’s around the table.

The fruit salad tray.

Fruit Salad Tray 4

You heard me right… a big beautiful tray full of every fruit in the produce section where your guests can nibble or dish up a bowl of delicious fruit salad. It goes perfectly with anything we might be grilling.

Fruit Salad Tray 2

It is loved by kids, adults, ladies, gentlemen and even the pickiest of eaters. Yes, I totally meant me by that last one 🙂

fruit salad tray 5

This one display is a recipe that you absolutely cannot mess up… I promise. Grab a tray and load it up with fresh cut fruit from the produce section. I even added a tiny bit of mint for a little more flavor and well… it is pretty!

fruit salad tray 8

Since all of this was is so easy to throw together, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with old friends. We love to nosh and nibble and laugh with our bellies full of all this fresh goodness. These are my favorite summer nights. The ones that begin before sundown and last way into the dark. The adults play hand after hand of cards and the kids play flashlight tag and catch lightning bugs.

We all savor every moment, the smells, the sounds of the night, the delicious food and drinks served and the sound of laughter bouncing off of the porch lights.


Fresh Produce makes Summer Entertaining so Easy and Delicious! Come see some delicious beverage pairings and a fruit salad tray that is a work of art!


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