Are You…Funky Floral or Preppy Polka Dot?

There are days that I just can’t decide…am I preppy polka dot or funky floral? Think about it…we all are one or the other or maybe both on different days! We created these adorable flour sack towels with that in mind. On the days I feel “preppy polka dot”, I will hang that one and the days I feel “funky floral” , well you get the idea! We both adore fall and all it has to offer and these simple yet beautiful towels are just the right touch! Soooo…let us know which you are!
Are you funky floral….
or…..preppy polkadot?
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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!

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  1. says

    Super cute! I found you at the Today’s Creative Blog hop! Come by and visit me at Sassy Sites! We have a giveaway going on AND a header contest. Come by and check it out. xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  2. says

    I feel floral today, these are so cute! I happened to have made something similar only yesterday with two old teatowels. Yours look much better though (and will probably see a lot less dishes LOL). Thanx for sharing!

  3. Suzanne says

    Just made this! Used floral. Turned out super cute. Only difference I did was to attach my ribbon with velcro and that way it can be taken off for the wash.

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