Apothecary Jars for St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Apothecary Jars

It has been a while, but our apothecary jars are back and brighter than ever!  You have seen them all dolled up for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July, but now we are so excited to show you our St. Patrick’s Day set! It is so fun and so colorful… you can even do this in mason jars or other clear containers.

Apothecary jars for St Patricks Day

Every time I look at these jars, they just put a smile on my face!  They are just so full of vibrant color and whimsy, your day is sure to be a little brighter.  This is one holiday I don’t do a lot of decorating for, but after seeing this rainbow of beautiful colors, I am now asking myself why on earth I don’t?!

apothecary jars

To make the jars, I gathered gumballs, rolo’s, and green ribbon.  I layered the rolo candies by stacking two on top of each other.  Then, my little one and I divided out the gumballs and stacked them by color.  It was such a great sorting activity to do with her, too and she loved being able to help me.

I did roll up some paper towels and stick them in the center to avoid using a tremendous amount of gum balls.  I would highly recommend doing this to save time and money.  To finish off the set, I strung glittered four leaf clovers to the front of the jars.  They added just the right touch of shine and bling.  After all, every holiday project deserves its own pinch of bling, right?!

Apothecary jars for St. Patrick's Day

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Love rainbows? Then you need to see this diy St. Patrick’s Day Mason Jar Gift idea…

St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar Gift with Free Printable via www.uncommondesignsonline.com #StPatricks #MasonJar

 Sweet, easy, and even includes a free printable “Lucky” tag! A perfect gift idea for someone special any tie of the year, ’cause rainbows make you smile, right?!

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  1. Sallie Fitz says

    I used my jars for St. Patrick’s last year and used rolo’s too :) But I couldn’t figure out anything green, so I just bought some marble rocks from michael’s. But I LOVE the rainbow of gum balls- might have to do that instead :)

  2. Julie Nathe says

    I have been trying to make these apothecary Jars for a few months now, but have been having a hard time finding some of the pieces. I live where there is no Hobby Lobby, but can order on line. What I am having a hard time finding is 3 different sizes of the candlesticks. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a 3rd size anymore. I have scoured the internet, 2nd hand shops, ect. My local Michaels & JoAnnes have a few of the items needed for this project, but I ordered most on-line from Hobby Lobby.

    They are SO CUTE that I just have to have my own!

  3. sandi says

    LOVE these jars! I’ve searched your blog to find how you made the apothecary jars? Not what you put in them – but how you made the jars/stands themselves?

  4. says

    These are so cute! I love that the colors can be changed to create pieces for other holidays and seasons.
    Thanks for posting! I have to share them on my FB biz page.


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