A Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath…{ A Tutorial }

Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath

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 Today we are happy to be showing you our…

Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath

 as part of our Wicked Wednesday series!

Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath
  Have you ever seen those strange, wispy, grapevine wreath forms that you have no idea what you would do with? Well,  here is what we did with ours…

Supplies needed for Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath:

large wispy grapevine wreath form

silver spray paint

silver glitter spray paint

wooden bat cut outs

black glitter

black acrylic paint or black spray paint

heavy gauge florist wire

glue gun with glue

black tulle

and a cute little Halloween sign !!!

1. Select and purchase a fun wispy, grapevine wreath from your local craft store {make sure you use a coupon!} and be careful in your selection as they have a tendency to get squished and broken, you may need to go through a few!

2. Spray paint the entire wreath silver, being careful to cover each side completely! Allow to dry fully!
3. Spray a light finish of silver glitter spray paint over entire wreath {we got the glitter spray paint at Michael’s}, allow wreath to dry and set aside.
4. Paint or spray paint all of your wooden bat cutouts black. The number you need is all up to you and the look you are after {we used 8}. Allow to dry completely.
5. Coat the bats on one side with spray adhesive and then coat that side with black glitter. Once dry, turn over and repeat on the other side.
6. Take the heavy gauge florist wire and spray paint it black {ours was green }. After it is dry, wrap each wire around a pencil to make little spirals. Attach wooden bats to the florist wire with a glue gun. This will give them the appearance of “flying” off the wreath!
Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath
7. Select where you would like your bats to be “flying” in your wreath and simply wrap the ends of the florist wire around the wreath { you may need to add a little touch of glue from your glue gun to keep it in place}.
8. Add a cute little sign {ours was from Hobby Lobby} and a very simple knot of black tulle to finish it all off!!
We have loved sharing our little Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath  with you!!
Spooky Halloween Bat Wreath

Trish and Bonnie





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  1. says

    Oh I love this wreath!!! You’re right I’ve always wondered how I could make something neat out of those wreaths – now I know! This would be perfect for my front door :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Oh, I really like how it turned out! What a oh-so spooky wreath! You always do such a great job with your projects. I enjoy reading each post! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share!

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