A Family Commitment and Advent Calendar …{ A Mini Tutorial}


Advent Calendar
Last Christmas, I set out to make teaching my children about the birth of Christ my main priority and focus. I wanted to celebrate Advent with my girls in a way that would be fun and thoughtful so a whimsical advent calendar was on the top of my to-do list.
family advent calendar
First, I sewed 25 drawstring bags using fun and girly colors ( I love having two girls!) and then tied them to a string with cute ribbon and a numbered charm.
Each day of December I filled the bag with a little treat. Some days I would include a bible verse, some days a fun activity, and then others I would put some small chocolates (their absolute favorite). There are so many ideas out there if you google Advent calendars. They eagerly awaited the next day and what the mystery bag would hold and I loved sharing the story of the birth of Christ in such a fun way. On Christmas morning their last treat bag was the baby Jesus ( from our Little People nativity set) and we sat down to talk about the greatest gift that we will ever receive.
I am once again committed to keeping our family focused on the birth of Christ this year. Will you join me?

advent calendar





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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!


  1. says

    I grew up with a Nativity advent that I loved, and have been too lazy to make for my own family. I love this idea, too.

    I’m also all about Christ during Christmas. I get alot of flack from people for not encouraging my girls to believe in Santa. But I tell them, “I’m not anti-Santa. I’m pro-Christ!”

  2. says

    Great idea. You can re-use them every year and put different things in them as you family changes. Drawstring bags are pretty easy too. Thanks. I am definitely going to try and keep our family Christ-centered.

  3. says

    Adorable! They could be used to countdown anything exciting – birthdays, holidays, vacations. They are so sweet. Your colors remind me of the vintage Sugar Plum decorations. So sweet.


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