4th of July Apothecary Jars

When I think about the summer and the 4th of July, my mind goes to visions of the beach! Neutral colors and texture! So with that on my mind, here is my beach version of our

 4th of July Apothecary Jars…

4th of July Apothecary Jars

 I wanted to capture the feeling of summer in this festive set of 4th of July Apothecary Jars. They are filled with beach sand {craft tip: each one has a can inside the jars so I would not have to use as much sand! }. You could even fill them with your own collection of seashells collected on family vacations!

4th of July Apothecary Jars

The U.S.A. letters are brown, metal tags that I found in the dollar section of Michaels. They are the perfect accent! I simply attached them with jute twine.

4th of July Apothecary Jars

Each Apothecary Jar is finished with a whimsical burlap bow. I love the texture burlap brings in and it can go with any decor. I even added a little starfish to complete the beachy vibe I was going with!

4th of July Apothecary Jars

Can’t you just feel the sand between your toes and see the fireworks across the ocean…

We have loved creating our Apothecary Jars for the seasons and holidays. Why don’t you check out our “BOO!”, “JOY!”, Fall, and Valentine’s versions!

You can find an updated supply list HERE!

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  1. says

    I love the jars on top of the painted wooden pedestals. I was wondering why Jane keeps buying them at the auction. Who knew? Everybody but me.
    Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads

  2. says

    These jars are really cute and make a great table centerpiece! I love the tip about adding the can inside the jar for less sand use. Thanks!

  3. says

    Those are so fantastic! You gals are always coming up with such great projects and I love that they are patriotic and yet still “neutral”. I would keep them out all summer long. :-) Thanks for sharing them at Inspiration Friday!
    P.S. I’m putting these on our Facebook page right now!

  4. says

    These are so cool. I saw them at Christmas time and put them on my To Do list but I was thinking I had a couple more months before doing them. Now I have to get them done today for the 4th! Nice job.

  5. says

    Love these!!! I am addicted to burlap ribbon right now and I’m itching (literally) to make some bows.

    Robin Flies South

  6. says

    What is not to love about these apothecary jars? Nothing! They are over the top perfect!!!! Stopping by from Southern Lovely and definitely a new stalker…I mean follower!!!! Great ideas. Jane

  7. jen says

    What color of spray paint did you use? I love them and want to make some but not sure what color of spray paint you used. It’s the perfect color.

  8. Betty819 says

    Did you buy the jars/with lid somewhere or have it from a pantry item? Are they glad or plastic? What about the candleholders? Are they from a Hobby store and are they wood and painted?


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