10 Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent Calendars…a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit, and engage your kids and family. They can be sweet, whimsical, spiritual, or even rustic. Fill them with candy, small toys, notes, or scripture.

My kids wake up, and head straight to ours to see what is there for the day. They even decide ahead of time who gets to open it for that day.

Over the years, our family has had quite a few. Some were as simple as lifting a paper flap to see a cute little animal, to the year we told the entire Christmas story day by day. They have enjoyed me mixing it up a bit and not using the same one each year.

Let me share with you some of our favorite Advent Calendar Ideas we found around the blog world…

10 of the very best Advent Calendar Ideas via Uncommon Designs

So many choices, where to begin? Let’s get started…


This Mini Tree Topped Advent Calendar is such a fun and whimsical idea. Fill little boxes with treats,notes, or something special.


Add a little rustic and cute touch with this Polka Dot Burlap Advent Calendar. The red polka dots are a perfect accent for the burlap pouches.


If you want to count down the 12 Days of Christmas, this adorable idea is very sweet and crafty. Make those days leading up to Christmas extra special.


Love chalkboards? This Chalkboard Advent Calendar has an ornament for each day. A great way to keep decorating the tree all season long.


This simple, Rustic Advent Countdown Calendar is a great way to add instant holiday cheer. Your littles will even get to practice writing some numbers and doing a bit of math..shhh….don’t tell them!


 The vintage vibe of this Soda Crate Advent Calendar is fabulous. A wonderful idea to make with the kids.


 Calling all fabric lovers { like us } ! This Fabric Bag Advent Calendar is perfect if you want to hide bigger items in the bags. Best part is picking out all the fabric of course!


What a great idea for baby food jars. This Luminary Advent Calendar is stunning. Can’t you just see the sweet glow now?


Get your DIY skills out, this PVC Tree Advent Calendar will make you smile. This is a calendar even a  man could love!


Finally, get out those DecoArt paints and get crafty designing your own 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar paper mache’ boxes.

Now are those 10 Advent Calendar Ideas not the best!?! Quite a mix of styles and inspiration.

So whether you want to count down by weeks or days, there is an Advent Calendar for you. The looks on the kid’s faces each day is priceless. So brush off your craft supplies and paints and get to crafting. Let your imagination guide you, and maybe even let the little ones help create.

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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!


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    What a wonderful list of Advent calendars. We love making our own Advent calendars to celebrate the Advent season and are always on the lookout for new ideas. Pinning over for future reference. Have a blessed week!!

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