Burlap Flower Napkin Rings

Ahh…yes…burlap!! I LOVE it !

If I could make more projects with it, I would. It just goes with all the seasons and holidays, don’t you think? Here at Uncommon Designs, we have made Burlap Projects for almost every season, holiday, and occasion…

Burlap crafts uncommon designs

Bonnie even created a Burlap Covered Letter for a fabulous piece for her bookcase…

Burlap Vovered Monogram uncommon 2012 final

So when I needed something a little neutral, rustic, and adorable, these Burlap Flower Napkin Rings came to mind…


Burlap just has a way of warming up a room, table, chair, bench, and the overall atmosphere. I made these beautiful napkin rings with burlap and a little surprise. They are simple and stunning!


Cute huh? Wanna know the secret?

The centers are simply covered button kits and we used the burlap rather than traditional fabric to cover the buttons. It is a little tougher to work with, but I think it makes the flower, don’t you?  And the other secret? They are wrapped around PVC couplings from our local hardware store! Yep! 

There are so many options for your table with burlap, take a look at the DIY Stenciled Monogrammed Burlap Table Runner


I was so excited to complete it and place it on my table. It was like bringing a little of the outside in, makes everything casual but pulled together. Informally formal..is that a design category? Well, burlap makes it one! 

These little Burlap Napkin Rings are simple and fun, just the way I like to entertain. I can use them year round which makes it a perfect craft project in my opinion!


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    I do love burlap as well! It’s just so… textural! And yes, Pinterest is such an addiction for me… I just hopped over and repinned your Tiffany Nails, so cute!!! Have a great day!

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