The Tuesday Trade-Off: Balancing Home

Today on our Tuesday Trade-Off series are Megan and Ross from the blog, Balancing Home.  You are going to love what they did in their dining room!  The decor is fabulous and their transformation is stunning!  Here they are!…. 
We always envisioned a shelf on the gallery wall. Because this is such a popular walk through we didn’t want a table. They were too deep and none were long enough. Thus, the shelf idea was born. I wanted something rustic and reclaimed, but rustic, reclaimed wood can get pretty pricey. Instead we picked up a piece of wood from the hardware store for $6.00.
Gorgeous, right? We used a sample can of stain and some 2×4’s scrap wood we had. My husband sanded the wood down, not to much, but a bit and stained it. Then he cut down the 2×4’s threw in some 45 degree angles and constructed brackets.Our dinging room wall went from this…

To this…

To this…

I feel like the shelf finishes off the wall. It is a fun little place to decorate too. I don’t have a fireplace (boohoo) so this is kind of like my mantle. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out, especially considering it ran us right around ten dollars! WooHoo! Kind of fun seeing the transformations. Our dining room is turning into a moment instead of just a space to walk through and I am loving it.

Since this post the advent calendar finally got its permanent home.

Thanks guys and Merry Christmas! You can find Megan and Ross and more of their amazing projects and features on their blog, Balancing Home.
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