Craft Paint Storage

Organize all of those tiny bottles of craft paint with this simple solution from Uncommon Designs

Do you guys have tons of those tiny bottles of paint at home, but just don’t quite know how to get them organized?  I have the best solution for you for craft paint storage!

How to Organize Doll Clothes and Accessories


I have two little girls who simply adore their dolls and they got all sorts of fun stuff to go with them for Christmas.  This mama is all for sisters playing together and sharing, but we really needed to get some control over all of the stuff.  Today I am going to share how to organize doll clothes and accessories using Rubbermaid’s fabulous All Access

Craft Organization Ideas

craft organization

Folks… the time has come… there is no choice… I have to get some control over all of my stuff. I am in desperate need of it… Craft Organization !!!  I keep putting it off, because it is such a huge, tremendous, and overwhelming task, but I think I am ready now.  I was scanning Pinterest and the Web and found some fabulous and pretty craft