Crafting Monograms from Southern Nest

southern nest wreatha

   I hope that y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We ate and ate and ate and spent some much needed time catching up with family.  I hate that days like Thanksgiving and Christmas fly by, but I am always grateful for any time I can spend with our extended families. Now, I am just so thrilled to introduce a project that I have been working

DIY Monogrammed Plates

Uncommon Martha Stewart 2012 monogrammed plate 1

Mother’s Day is such a special time for us. So, when we were selected to create a special Mother’s Day craft idea by Plaid ~ Martha Stewart Mother’s Day  campaign, well we were thrilled! You would have thought we had won the lottery when our box arrived from Plaid  containing a huge assortment of Martha Stewart crafting items… These supplies are just incredible…brushes,sponges, multi-surface acrylic paints,stencils… many great items! We knew