Lace Onesie Tutorial

title lace embell. onesie lighter_thumb[12]

This week I needed to make a baby gift for someone and I wanted it to be feminine, beautiful, and super easy!  I decided to make a lace embellished onesie. It was based on our other lace shirt tutorial.  I love how it turned out and it was a cinch! Lace Onesie Tutorial You can’t beat easy and elegant, right?   *Trish

Appliqued Drum Set Onesie

Appliqued Onsie 2 Uncommon 2012

I Want To Rock ‘n Roll All Night… So, what do you make for the drum teacher when his wife has their first daughter…. Why an appliqued drum onesie of course!   Is this not the cutest thing eva!!?? I just love how it turned out! I simply found a drum set silhouette image online and re sized it to fit the onesie. I then made