Sponsor Spotlight: Feeding My Temple

Bonnie and I  are so excited to introduce you to Allison, one of our newest sponsors….

Feeding My Temple


I’m Allison. Born and raised in Oklahoma, married to my best friend, and mom to the light of my life. I am a full time working mom, Beachbody Fitness Coach, and social media addict.
I am attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with emphasis on  Holistic Nutrition and Wellness.  I will complete the program in May 2013 and be registered with the American Association of Drugless Practicioners.
I love to cook, learn about the Lord I serve, and maintain a mostly healthy lifestyle.  My Greatest joy in life is helping others reach their health and fitness goals.  

You will find a mix of all my interests at Feeding My Temple, with cooking and food as a major theme.

 Santa Fe Chicken Bowls As a Fitness Coach, I hold monthly Fitness Challenge GroupsWhat does that mean?

The commitment is 30 days of a Beachbody workout progam, Shakeology, and the Challenge Group accountability Facebook page.  You commit to the workout program of your choice, Shakeology, and a Challenge Group spot for accountability and support.
We all work together and help each other WIN! This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit are much more likely to finish and get the Absolute Best Results!
I believe in Beachbody’s product. I believe that everyone has the right and ability to live a happy and healthy life. I believe that many people don’t even know where to start. I have a passion for sharing what works and helping others achieve their personal fitness goals. How can I help you?
To find out more about Shakeology and Beachbody fitness, visit Allison at Feeding My Temple!
Thank you so much, Allison,  for having such a passion for helping us all to care for our bodies the way God intended.  Feeding My Temple is a wonderful blog full of delicious and nutritious recipes and tips on a healthy lifestyle.  Take a look for yourself… you will be better for it! 
We hope that you will click on over to see the rest of this post!
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