Simple Tree Topped Mini Box Advent Calendar

 I know, I know, Thanksgiving is not even here yet….but…it is so late this year. I just had to go ahead and share my new, and simply adorable, Tree Topped Mini Box Advent Calendar

A Simple Tree Topped Mini Box Advent Calendar Countdown! So adorabl, and filling the boxes will be so much fun! #christmas #advent via

Isn’t it just fabulous! I an so looking forward to using this Advent Calendar this year. I was inspired to create this one after seeing another precious one by Oh Happy Day last year. It was one of those projects that just stayed in my mind all year, so I had to create my own…

Mini Box Advent Calendar

I love all the mini boxes with embellishments. Filling these for my kids is going to be so much fun. Do you remember counting the days down to Christmas as a kid? Priceless!

Let’s create this amazing Advent Calendar Countdown…


Supplies Needed:

  • 24 mini paper mache boxes in 2 different sizes { these came from Hobby Lobby }
  • 1 star shaped paper mache box { also from Hobby Lobby }
  • Number stamps
  • Dark Brown stamping ink
  • Pre-made canvas mini banners { yep..Hobby Lobby }
  • Red and white baker’s twine
  • Small jingle bells
  • Mini flocked Christmas trees in 2 different sizes { about 15-18 }
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Gold Tinsel Ribbon

Step One:


First, use the number stamps, and stamping ink, to put the numbers 1 – 25 on the canvas mini banners. Allow to dry fully. You will need 3 packs of these banners so be sure to use that coupon to save some money!

Step Two:


Once you have stamped all the banners, use the cute red and white baker’s twine to thread each banner onto a cut piece { enough to wrap around the lid of the box twice and tie } of the baker’s twine. I threaded mine so that the twine showed on the front of the banner.

Step Three:


Next, tie the baker’s twine around each lid with the banner threaded through it. I added a few jingle bells to some of the boxes for a little more interest. I simply chose a few at random and threaded the bell onto the baker’s twine after the knot was tied. I tied the jingle bell on and then clipped the ends of the twine once I had tied a little knot in it. Isn’t it turning out cute!

Step Four:


Finally, I used the hot glue gun to put a few mini Christmas trees on the tops of some of the mini boxes. HINT: I actually set up all 25 of the mini boxes in the arrangement I wanted to display before I glued the trees on the tops. That way, I was able to pick which boxes did or did not need trees, and which ones needed the larger trees and smaller trees.

Step Five:


Lastly, for the sweet star box, I simply threaded the banner onto a piece of gold thread and tied it diagonally across the star. I also added a little gold tinsel bow. I wanted the 25 to be different and stand out…because it is such a special day!


These little mini boxes are a perfect way to put special treats and notes inside for your family. I plan on adding bible verses each day inside these as well.


They are just so cheerful and I could not be happier with how they turned out. I am filling a shelf on my bookcase in our kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of our home and this will be the star of the Christmas season.

Christmas Advent calendar countdown using mini boxes and mini trees! A perfect way to celebrate the holiday season!

I am still figuring out exactly what treats to place inside the boxes with the verses. I love the Christmas season and think this is a great way to share the true meaning of Christmas with my family. The anticipation of the next part of the Christmas story each day just fills my heart with joy over the greatest gift we have ever received.

Want to see another precious no sew advent calendar? Visit my friend Laura over at Finding Home , she is sharing an adorable one too!

What special holiday traditions do you have?


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Trish Flake

Hey y'all! I am Trish and the creative voice behind Uncommon Designs. I adore party planning, holiday celebrations, and all things crafty! I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you!


  1. says

    This is such a great idea. My kids love little boxes, and wouldn’t really look forward to something like this. I also love the trees you added to it, it could really serve as a holiday decoration with all the pieces

  2. says

    These are fantastic! I love the banners (don’t you love Hobby Lobby, lol) I’ve never made our own advent calendar, but after seeing this one I think I might have to give it a try. I’d love if you’d come link some of your creativity over at our Lovely Ladies link party, live on Wednesdays. Come check it out if you’d like, we’d love to have you over :)
    -Molly from Just a Little Creativity

  3. Pam says

    I love your advent calendar. Your picture doesn’t show all 25 boxes all set up, and I was wondering if you put some around the larger piece of wood. Thanks, I appreciate the help.



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