DIY Two Tiered Tray

     I have a confession…I seem to have acquired ADD as an adult ( or maybe I just now am willing to admit it!! ) !! I just LOVE all the ideas all over the blog world and it makes my head spin at times. I WANT TO MAKE THEM ALL!! But, alas, I am only one woman with a family… steps!
     My children are at an age where they are independent enough to entertain themselves so that I can try to get in some  crafting and sewing. {I also informed them that my name is not “Julie” and I am not their “Cruise Director” and this is not “The Love Boat” to which they stared and me and said..”What?”} Anyway, I finally finished a tiered tray centerpiece…
I have seen so many of these all over blogland lately! I do not have a complete tutorial, but basicly here is what I did…

I started with two wooden and metal trays. I found these in the clearance isle of my Hobby Lobby, gotta love that!
Next I gathered my favorite… Gorilla Glue Epoxy. I also collected a candlestick and two round, wooden bases. For the top, I used a finial and small wooden candlestick. All of these were purchased at my local craft stores. I chose a Krylon, satin finish, avocado colored spray paint. I painted each individual piece and allowed them to dry. Finally, I glued it all together with the epoxy, and allowed it at least 24 hours to dry.
Here is my own “twist” on the project….
Yes, I made mine as two pieces so that it can be used as a large two tiered piece, a serving tray, or a cute raised tray!!
I love the way it turned out and that it totally matches my kitchen….
There are so many possibilities for this from purely decorative to organizational to serving dishes…ah…the beauty of multi-tasking! What would you use it for?
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  1. says

    love the tiered tray
    great for centerpieces
    Classic look on that cutie pie I have four sons..they never get what I’m doing either

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