Mini Chevron Chalkboard and Frame

We love a simple project and this one is just that! My daughter was wanting to spruce up her room a bit, and add some touches of turquoise and chevron. In addition, she is all about chalkboards. So I took her inspiration and created this little Mini Chevron Chalkboard and Frame…

Create and adorable DIY Mini Chevron Chalkboard and Frame. A sweet accent for a teen or tween or just you!

It is the perfect accent for my girl and she loves leaving little messages! These teen years are all about quotes and little inspirational sayings. I also love that we can leave her a quick note if she needs a little affirmation after a hard day. It is like getting a sweet card from a friend.


So let’s get started…



Supplies Needed for  Mini Chevron Chalkboard and Frame:

1. Unfinished Wooden Picture Frame { you can get a similar one HERE }

2. Chevron Stencil { you can get a similar one HERE }

3. Makeup Sponge Wedge

4. DecoArt Multi Surface Satin Paint in Cottonball

5. DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Paint in Peacock Pearl

6. Americana Chalkboard Paint

7. Sponge Paint Brush


Step 1: Paint the unfinished wooden frame with the Cottonball color paint, and allow to fully dry.

Step 2: Stencil the chevron design onto the white frame using the metallic paint. Apply with the cosmetic sponge using a gentle up and down motion.


Once you have finished stenciling and allowed the frame to completely dry, you have this…


I love this Peacock Pearl color and the sparkle it has!

Step 3: I created the chalkboard part, using the center of the frame…


I simply followed the directions on the back of the Chalkboard Paint, and painted directly on the part of the picture frame that goes into the back of the frame.

HINT: Don’t forget to season the chalkboard once it is completely dry, like I did on these Chalkboard Paper Tags!

Once you have seasoned the chalkboard, simply place it into the back of the frame and you are done!

My girl loves that she can use this as a chalkboard, or if she decides to put a picture in it instead, she can do that as well. I love that I can check off a project from  my list that she has been asking for! Sweet!

Create and adorable DIY Mini Chevron Chalkboard and Frame. A sweet accent for a teen or tween or just you!

Need another great and simple project for a tween or teen? Be sure and check out the Jewelry Organizer I made for my daughter as well…

A simple DIY Jewelry Organizer from a thread rack!

Seriously.. 2 steps!

Love chevron? This adorable DIY Chevron Stenciled Rug would be a great project for a hallway or even a bathroom. It is really not as involved as it may look and fun to do as well…

Create a fun DIY Chevron Stenciled Rug for your home! A perfect custom home decor accent.

So when was the last time you did a project with a stencil? You might just be surprised at what you can do with them…

Give a plain hoodie a beautiful upgrade with this stencil refashion.

This Stenciled Hoodie Refashion was a hit with my daughter and fun to create with her. She loved the sparkle of the paint!

Stencils are really versatile and can be used throughout your crafting and DIY projects! Try one out on your next project!

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