Metallic Home Decor Ideas

So, there was a time not long ago when the only place you might find metallics in home decor was in light fixtures and candle holders. Metals, whether in color or form can add a fun element that may be a bit unexpected to your traditional home decor. It may be in an accessory or a large piece of furniture. Strategically placing a few metallic items in your home decor can make all the difference in the style and fun!

So, let’s show you a few ways to traditionally and unexpectedly to add metallic home decor to your own home.

metallic home decor

Even just a little bit of metal can really transform a space.  The shine and sparkle from metals can add a certain something to your home that is so inviting and stylish.  A plain piece of furniture can instantly become glamorous with metallic paint or fixtures.

 Let’s take a look at some of our favorite projects…

How to paint a leather chair with a few bottles of craft paint. This metallic silver chair was a cinch to do! Uncommon Designs

If you have an old leather chair that has seen better days…. paint it!  I painted this leather wingback chair with silver acrylic paint and it totally transformed the chair and the room!


Design Milk added this gorgeous metallic marbled wallpaper for added elegance and dimension. Love it!


Would you ever guess that these are Ikea lack shelves that were featured on Poppytalk?  The addition of the copper really made them look so nice and so expensive.


Add some major wow when you have a silver leaf dresser  in the room.  Isn’t this just beautiful from Little Green Notebook?

metallic painted pillow

Paint a pillow with metallic paint for added warmth and dimension in your decor. This was such a fun and easy project!


These gold dipped bar stools from Honeybear Lane have to be my favorite diy metallic project… ever!  What a huge upgrade!


Finally, don’t be afraid to add metallics in your seasonal or outdoor decor.  This golden pumpkin from Twig and Thistle looks incredible as a house number display.


I think it is fair to say that we love all things metallic.  Whether gold, silver, copper or even vintage aluminum, the impact it makes is undeniable.  What is your favorite metal to decorate with?  We’d love to hear all about it!









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  1. Teddee Grace says

    Oh, that wallpaper reminds me so much of wallpaper I had hung in a powder room in the 70s! Just a note of caution…I also had the ceiling papered in plain silver and it made this small room seem like a tall tube! I’d not recommend metallic on a ceiling in a small room.

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