Celebrating Nature this Holiday Weekend

Thanks to Deer Park® Brand Nature’s Blends™ Fruit Flavored Beverages and Poland Spring® Brand Nature’s Blends™ Fruit Flavored Beverages for sponsoring Celebrating Nature this Holiday Weekend. 

It is Friday!!  How are you going to celebrate?  Here is how we plan to enjoy our Labor Day weekend…

celebrate naturally

When you’ve had a really long week… there is nothing better than celebrating with nature.  This weekend we are headed to our favorite place in the world… Edisto Island.  It is on the South Carolina coast just about 30 minutes from Charleston.  We love to spend time looking for shells and sharks teeth on the beach.

celebrating nature

And just taking in how nature celebrates its amazing miracles all around.  Can you believe how beautiful this is?

nature celebrates

This is a picture of one of our favorite spots on the island, Botany Bay.  It is a place where you can go and enjoy nature in all of its finery.  Breathtaking views that are preserved by all that travel there.

celebrating nature

Oh my, I am getting so excited just writing this! It is a place that the entire family loves and is completely at peace.

celebrate naturally

Our other favorite thing to do at the beach is to take a boat ride and take in the views here.  Doesn’t it look just like a postcard?

celebrate nature

Don’t you love the joy on these little ones’ faces?  There is no video game, tv show, or anything else can compare to how much these girls adore Edisto.

nature celebrates

This is my favorite part… being together and loving it!

What are you doing to celebrate this weekend?

Every Friday, Deer Park® Brand Nature’s Blends™,  is sharing beautiful ways that nature celebrates with a reminder to treat yourself to a celebration, too. Head over to the Deer Park® Brand Nature’s Blends™ Facebook page every Friday for inspiration to celebrate naturally and share your own story on their page.

deer park

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Have a wonderful Friday!



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  1. What a beautiful place! Just looking at those pictures made me miss summer already. Our crazy sports schedule has already started! I’ve purchased Deer Park water but wasn’t aware of the Nature Blends. I will keep an eye out in the grocery store!

  2. I’ve never seen those in my store … the flavors sound delicious! LOVE the photos you shared … what a great way to spend a weekend.

  3. What fun pictures! I love the idea of the mix of fruit juice an water! Will have to try these, thanks for sharing them with us!


  4. I love Edisto Island!! My sister and her husband used to live there and owned one of the restaurants on the island. I miss going there! It is beautiful and so relaxing. thanks for sharing your trip, it brings back such memories!!

  5. Great pics, Trish! Looks like fun was had by all! =)

  6. Love these photos!! It looks like everyone had such a great time!

  7. What beautiful photos and those drinks sound delish!

  8. What a perfect vacation spot!

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