It’s All About the Journey

shirt journey

Starting a Creative Business Takes Courage. Today I wanted to share a little something that we haven’t written a lot about, but we get questions about this all the time!  So many friends and readers often ask us how did we get into this crazy wonderful world of blogging?  

How To Embed a YouTube Video into a Blog Post … Blogging 101

Blogging-101-embedding-youtube-videos-in a blog-post

Along our journey in blogging, Trish and I have learned a lot of things. We did not start out very techie. Neither of our “before kids and blog” backgrounds were very computer oriented.  You can see a little about us on our About Uncommon Designs page. So with that in mind { and the fact that having a teenager has more than taught me that there

5 Tips to Balance Work and Family for Moms Who Blog


Do you struggle with finding time in the day to do it all?  I know that most of us Moms who blog would love to find a solution to balance  work and family life.  There is no magic formula or calendar that can do this for us, but I have found a few tips that have helped me along in my journey to find a

How to Set and Track Blogging Goals

Setting Blogging Goals via

I don’t usually write posts off the cuff, but I came across two great resources today that I know will help you find joy and acheivement with your blog.  I talk to so many bloggers who love what they do, but don’t really have a vision for their blog.  Do you know what your  blogging goals are? Most of us don’t take the time to

Our Top Creative Gifts for Crafting and DIYs


Looking for those perfect creative gifts for the crafter, DIYer, or blogger in your life? We have got you covered! Trish and I have put together a collection of out top craft/DIY supplies and tools that we feel would make great gifts for those people on your list! Of course, the list could go on forever, but these items are things we use a lot

Mama’s Got a New Job… Virtual Blog Assistant

virtual blog assistant

This mama has a new job and I couldn’t be more excited!  I am now offering virtual assistant or blog helper services!  My ultimate goal is to help bloggers find that elusive work/family life balance and get back to doing what they love… creating! For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself… My name is Trish Flake and I have been

Blogging 101 … Alternatives to Google Reader


So…if you have not heard…Google Reader is going away. As of July 1st, 2013 it will no longer be an option to follow blogs. Earlier this week we had Part 1 of our Blogging 101…How To Follow A Blog. Hop on over and get the background information for  Part 2… Alternatives to Google Reader We are bummed..we love our Google Reader…so today we are going

Blogging 101… How To Follow A Blog


So, Trish and I were talking the other day. { Our husbands think we should just have an intercom system from house to house by the way! } How many of you knew how to follow a blog before you were bloggers? How many of you non-bloggers do not know where to start, but would love to follow blogs? Well, you are in luck! Trish

Five Tips for Marketing your Blog


Hey Y’all! Several weeks ago we were asked to share some tips on how to market your blog on the Beginner Blogging Series at Simply Klassic Home.     Bonnie and I were so excited that Kristin asked us to be a part of this wonderful series! We are by no means experts on marketing, but are happy to share some tips with you guys, that have worked for us, on

5 Free Blogging Organizer Printables

5 free blogging organizer printables

Ok…. I’m being totally honest here.  I have been telling my kids that we are going to be on a schedule this Summer and are going to get lots of stuff done and also have fun, Fun, FUN!  You know who really needs to get her little tush in gear?  Me!   I need a Blogging Organizer like nobody’s business!  Thankfully, you ladies have not left me in