Calling all of you talented readers… an Upcycling Design Challenge!

Alright all of you amazingly talented friends out there… we couldn’t be more thrilled to share about this amazing opportunity from the folks  at Uncommon Goods…

An Upcycling Design Challenge! 

You know that we love all things that are upcycled, transformed, trash to treasure.., you name it.  Well, the online retailer, Uncommon Goods, is hosting and upcycle design challenge.  Uncommon Goods celebrates high quality art and design by supporting a large community of independent artists and designers. Just like you!

You should check out their recycled gifts… fabulous!

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Uncommon Goods Upcycle Design Challenge  is an opportunity for talented artists to submit their most unique upcycled designs–anything from handbags to kitchen tools, or from gadgets to wall art–for the chance to win $500 and an UncommonGoods vendor agreement!

I know that you all have so many ideas and projects that would be perfect for the contest!  Over the years I can’t tell you how blown away Bonnie and I have been by your endless amount of talent when it comes to transforming yesterday’s treasures and utilizing common items to create beautiful works of art with them.  This is your time to shine.  Their contest was wildly popular last year and I know it will be the same.

Here are a few details about the contest…

DEADLINE: September 30, 2013 at 11:59 PM ET

WHAT CAN I SUBMIT? We want to see anything and everything – from handbags to kitchen tools, from gadgets to wall art. As long as your design has an upcycling story, we want to see it!

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE AN “UNCOMMON” ARTIST? Your design should be expressive, it should tell a compelling story, and it should highlight your individuality.

WHAT KINDS OF MATERIAL CAN I USE? We accept all sorts of materials as long as they are safe and animal-friendly-so no lead, leather, feathers, or pearls. We love unique materials, especially those that tell an interesting story, so don’t forget to share your medium’s tale with us in your product description.


Visit Uncommon Goods for full details and to enter!  

Best of luck, y’all!


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