A Healthy Breakfast for My Girls { Lenders Healthy Grain Bagels }

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and I recieved coupons for free Lender’s Multi-Grain Bagels. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
This morning the girls and I got to try out Lender’s Healthy Multi-grain Bagels.  What was the verdict?  Yummy!  I topped them with light cream cheese and strawberries and they thought they were pretty and delicious!  They love cream cheese { clearly they are their mother’s children }, so I knew that they would like them!
The best part for me is that they are healthy and good for them!  They are high in dietary fiber {6 grams} and a great source of proteins {11 grams}. 
This has been a wonderful lazy morning at our house. We went to church last night and we were able to sleep in for once! I guess… if you call 7am sleeping in! 
Also, at our church, the second graders receive bibles and Ann received hers last night.  My girl has carried it with her ever since {be still my heart}. She is growing up SO fast and I am just so grateful that we are blessed with friends and family who are such strong followers of Christ. I love that she knows God and loves him with that pure heart of hers! 
I hope that you guys have a wonderful week!
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Trish Flake

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  1. says

    I eat bagels all the time so I will check this out.

    Last month at bible study one of my friends commented on the condition of my bible. Now I live by the theory of clean bible = dirty life, dirty bible = clean life. :)
    But it also has to do with the fact that it is the bible I was presented in 1976 by my pastor. It grows dearer every day.

  2. says

    Good idea, cream cheese, bagels and strawberries, yum. Pretty little girls you have there, what is their favorite bible story? Will they attend bible study? How exciting!

  3. Debbie says

    I eat these all the time. All my meals have 15 grams of protein and these are good and help me get my protein without having to cook bacon or eggs. Wal-Mart could hardly keep them in the store and now they are telling me they have dropped this item. I have never seen them in the other grocery stores. Can anyone help me locate where to buy them?

  4. Nadean Dotson says

    I love Lenders Multi-grain bagles, but have a hard time finding them. We will be getting a Whole Food Store soon and maybe they will have them.

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