7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Style Your Home


Can we talk for a minute? Do you ever wonder how to incorporate a current trend you are seeing into your home decor? Or maybe absolutely love a color but are not sure how, or where, to use it in your home? Me too.

Throughout my adult life , I have lived in quite a few houses, and so I have learned the hard way about some design choices and gathered a lot of useful information on finding my own style by what inspires me. So today, I would like to share with y’all my…

7 Simple Tips and Tricks to Style Your Home

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1. Find Your Inspiration :

Look around you, and find out what inspires you and your design choices. This may be nature, textures, color, or even your lifestyle.

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2. Incorporate Current Style Trends Simply:

Is there a new style trend you love? One you have been seeing in stores or magazines? Maybe it is the new metallic gold trend? Incorporate it into your decor in a simple way, through accessories. You can really change up the whole feel of a room with perhaps a new mirror , vase, or lamp.

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3. Use The Colors You Love:

Do you have a favorite color? Use it in your home decor. It could be the main color of the room or even simply brought out through accessories, like botanicals, rugs, and throw pillows.

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4. Buy Your Large Furniture Pieces as Neutrals:

When our family moved into our current home, we needed a new couch. I decided then that it would be completely neutral. Why? I love to change out my rooms for seasons and holidays. A neutral background allows me to throw in whatever colors I am currently loving without disrupting the flow of my room. Then when you are ready to change up the look of your room, the neutral furniture goes with almost anything.

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5. Mix Patterns and Textures:

I really feel like mixing these two things adds interest and depth to any decor. Don’t be afraid to try different patterns together. A fun throw pillow and patterned curtains against a neutral room can be perfect. Also, think about metals, wood tones, and glass to add dimension to your decorating.

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6. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

So…this one is sometimes a hard one for me. I have learned that one whimsical unexpected item, piece of accent furniture, or accessory can really finish a room and give it something unique. Don’t be afraid to be different, and step out of the box a little. You can add a little contemporary into a traditional look, and it can work well together.

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7. Don’t Be Afraid of Change:

Along your home journey, your needs and tastes will change. Don’t be afraid of change…embrace change. You may decide your current style does not match your family’s lifestyle. Adapt your home decor to your current lifestyle. Are you headed in a more formal direction? Perhaps laid back and casual? Or maybe you want to branch out and try a current trend? It is ok to let go, and change things up a bit at times.



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